apple and pear

Can dogs eat apples and pears?

Fruits such as pears and apples can be a nice variety and a tasty snack for our pets. It can happen that some dogs simply adore these fruits. Then it’s worth giving your pet an apple from time to time, in reasonable quantities of course. It can have a beneficial effect and regulate the entire digestive system.

Can apples form the basis of a dog’s diet?

Of course not. Dogs are carnivores, so any fruit can only be used as a complement or supplement. As apples and pears are harmless to dogs, they are perfectly suitable for this purpose. However, be careful with the amount – they can cause bloating and stomach problems.

Positive effects of apples and pears on dogs.

Apples have a very positive effect on the intestines and regulate their work. They also have a positive effect on intestinal microflora. They are a source of vitamin A and C. Both apples and pears are a valuable source of fibre. Pears also supplement our dog’s need for magnesium, iron and B vitamins.

Can apples harm dogs?

Unfortunately, apples are also a danger to our pets. The flesh itself is not harmful, but the seed cavities and stones are dangerous. A bitten stone releases highly toxic hydrogen cyanide and can even be fatal in increased quantities. For dogs, stomach ulcers are also a contraindication to eating apples.