Can dogs eat bread?

Bread is a meal staple in many homes. However, the bread that is popular with people is not necessarily good for our dogs. Of course, the answer to the question of whether bread is harmful to dogs is not clear-cut. This is due to the fact that bread can come in various forms, from different kinds of grain, a wide range of possible additives and proportions of individual ingredients.

Can bread be added to a varied dog diet?

Bread for your dog is not recommended. Primarily because it has little nutritional value. It is a source of so-called empty calories. In most cases, it is also hard to digest and contains a lot of carbohydrates. Meals for dogs based on bread, even if they are not harmful – can lead to obesity. Coming back to the harmfulness – unfortunately there are many risks apart from increasing the weight of our pet.

Bread for dogs – the main risks.

In addition to the obesity mentioned above, there is salt in bread. While a small amount of salt is good for your dog and necessary, too much salt can cause numerous diseases. Excess salt affects the cardiovascular system, retains water in the tissues, disrupts the metabolism and increases the risk of cancer.

Additives that are often found in bread are also dangerous for dogs. One example is sultanas. Like grapes, they are toxic to our pets and consumption of large quantities can lead to kidney failure. Therefore, be very careful and familiarise yourself with the effects of the various additives. For humans, they are an interesting taste and variety – for dogs, they can be extremely dangerous.

It is also important to be aware of whether a particular type of bread contains gluten. If our dog is allergic, bread may be the source of the dog’s food allergy.

Can a dog eat wholemeal bread, rolls or rusks?

Just as with humans, white bread, including bread rolls, will be worse for a dog’s diet than healthier wholemeal or organic breads. Rusk may be the best choice here. On the other hand, we are still exposed to additives and preservatives that are present in bread. This is definitely not good for our pet.

Can a dog eat bread with butter or pâté?

Here we must consider the harmfulness and possible toxicity of bread additives, i.e. butter or pate. Here again, it is necessary to approach with common sense. Neither bread with butter, nor with pâté should be a permanent component of our pet’s meals. However, if the dog steals a piece from the table, or “hunts” such a treat in a different way, we don’t have to panic.

A small piece of bread or bread with butter will certainly not harm our pet.

What is the healthiest bread for dogs?

The healthiest and safest bread will be bread without preservatives and harmful additives. Instead, it will contain ingredients that will provide minerals and vitamins. Unfortunately, to be sure and achieve such an effect we have to prepare such bread ourselves. In such a case, however, we have to be especially careful as undercooked bread, and especially raw dough, is a big danger for your dog.