Can the dog eat?

Many dog owners think that if something does not harm humans, it will not harm dogs either. That’s why we often share table scraps or snacks with our dogs. Unfortunately, what is safe for us, for dogs can be very unhealthy or even dangerous. A dog digests differently than a human and giving wrong vegetables, fruit or dairy products may result not only in indigestion but also in long-term health problems and, in extreme cases, even in death. Dogs are carnivores, so they do not generally need vegetables, fruit or dairy products. However, some can be given in moderation – as a treat for your dog, but also as a dietary supplement to provide your dog with vitamins and minerals.

can a dog eat vegetables?
Can a dog eat vegetables?

can a dog eat home-made food?
can a dog eat home-made food?

can a dog eat fruit?
Can a dog eat fruit?