Feeding your dog is a very broad topic. Both scientific publications and statements by experts can cause confusion. We will try to bring you up to date on the subject in an easy to understand format. The most important thing is to use common sense and follow a few simple rules.

What fruit can a dog eat?

What vegetables can a dog eat?

What must a dog not eat?

First of all, we need to ask ourselves, what kind of dog do we have? Young, old, with liver or kidney disease? The breed is also important - is it a herding dog or a small couch potato? Then it's downhill from there. It's enough to use ready-made solutions, adapting them to your own possibilities and your pet's needs.

There is no need to discuss the advantages of wet food over dry food, a barf diet or home-made meals for your dog. Each way will guarantee the right ingredients in our dog's body if we give the food in the right way.

On this site, we will present different diets for dogs for every situation, but we will also answer questions about what cannot be given to the dog, and what is advisable in a given situation. We will also try to describe specific situations, what to consider when choosing food if the diet is not obvious in a given case. In pet shops, we usually have properly prepared advisors, but they don't always take an individual approach to our dog, so it's worth protecting yourself with a dose of knowledge.

What is certain - a well-fed dog is a happy dog full of energy!