liver diet for dogs

Diet for a dog with a diseased liver

The liver has a number of important functions in the dog’s body, just like in humans. It removes harmful compounds and heavy metals, and participates in the regulation of metabolism. It’s thanks to the liver and the bile it secretes that fat can be digested. It also stores trace elements and vitamins.

What are the causes of liver failure in dogs?

Liver disease in dogs may have very different origins. The liver can be damaged during various diseases or bacterial infections. Leukemia, tuberculosis, diabetes – negatively affect the functioning of this organ. But liver damage can also be the result of short-term inflammation. Another cause is improper diet, which can lead to overweight. This in turn is often associated with fatty liver. By an improper diet for the dog’s liver we can also mean one in which the dog gets bad, stale (mouldy) or other harmful foods.

Depending on the type and severity of liver damage in your dog, a temporary diet may be necessary, or even one that will last for the rest of your pet’s life.

What to feed a dog with a diseased liver?

A liver diet for your dog should be based on easily digestible carbohydrates. In addition, important minerals and vitamins should be provided. Of these, B vitamins and calcium are particularly worthy of attention. These can be supplied in ready-made form in tablets, for example. As carbohydrates we can use for example: rice, oatmeal, wheat germ, honey. Protein that is given to a dog with a liver disease should be high-quality (e.g. fish, fat-free meat, milk).

Menu for a dog with liver disease

If a dog has a diseased liver in the first phase, the menu should be agreed with the vet. Due to the different types and severity of damage, it is advisable to consult a specialist on the diet. In addition to self-prepared foods, we can also support ourselves with ready-made liver foods for dogs.

  1. Sample meals for dogs with liver disease
  2. Rice or oatmeal gruel with honey
  3. Mashed potatoes with cottage cheese and honey
  4. Cottage cheese (lean) mixed with wheat germ and banana
  5. Cooked fish (e.g. cod), without bones, mixed with mashed potatoes

Liver diet for dogs Vegetables and fruit

If your dog likes fruit, it can be given in very small quantities. However, some vegetables are recommended and well tolerated by dogs. Examples of such vegetables include beetroot, broccoli, spinach and celery.

What to do if the dog does not want to eat the foods on the liver diet?

It is possible, as such a diet is not usually appealing. Unfortunately, in this case, we must be consistent and get your pet used to a special diet. We cannot compromise, but we can try to change the meals. We can also support ourselves with ready-made foods for dogs with liver disease available in pet shops. It often turns out that their taste is more interesting than self-prepared dog meals.